M Residence

M Residence design, a contemporary tropical filled garden, is envisioned as connecting introverted and extroverted concept. Natural material, con wood, shading screen creates building shadings patterns and privacy in a modern passive design solution. U Shape layout has invited building connecting rooms to a featured garden swimming pool, providing with cold ventilation.

Our project partner, De Axis Design Studio, has contributed to the modern living design concept, visualization, and design development; where Naki Development has initiated concept into construction working together with technical team, structural design consultant, MEP design consultant, Interior and Architectural design consultant.


Woodland Residences

Offering 84 luxury villas, Woodland Residences invites the elite sector to invest or to live in these high quality accommodation. With deep foundations, these fortresses not only offer unparalleled structural stability but more importantly aesthetically pleasing designed exteriors and functionable interiors inspired by nature.